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about us

Persian Gulf Star Kish Company (PGS) with access to the wide range of
North American, European, Middle Eastern and domestic resources and with
the help of its highly qualified professionals, is in a unique position to be a
strong supplier of Oil and Gas industry equipment.
• Supply of Rotary Machines / Equipment
• Supply of spare parts from various OEM manufacturers
• Acquiring of Know-How from our foreign sources
Due to the increasing need of energy and excessive use of turbine engines
worldwide, PGS has created a data bank of resources for supplying of spare
parts for steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps and rotary
Persian Gulf Star Kish Company, introduce its functions as follows:
– Raw material (High grade alloy, stainless steel, steel alloy, Monel.etc.)
– Spare Parts (blades, shafts, disc, and nozzles… from OEM
– Industrial Equipment (turbo generators, turbo compressors, pumps. etc.)
– Engineering & Consultancy
– How-Know Transfer